Investing in the Community

Using dividends from our business investments, Attawapiskat Enterprises has invested more than $2.7 million to Attawapiskat First Nation Community Trust, for the benefit of Attawapiskat members.

We also make “donations to individuals”, under certain conditions, and for specific requirements.  These fall under the following categories:

Attawapiskat, Ontario

Attawapiskat First Nation, Ontario

Cultural activities — The 2013 National Aboriginal Day (June 21st) ceremonies, community feasts, School Graduation Dinners that help to celebrate the importance of education are some of the events supported.

Sports & Recreation activities — Hockey and recreation programs for boys and girls have benefitted.

Education & Training – Support was provided to the 2013 Junior and Senior school trip fundraising drive.  Important work skills and training sessions for potential employees for Attawapiskat companies is also covered under this category.

Emergency Needs – These donations go towards requirements such as Search and Rescue, or other community member emergencies.