Organization & Structure

Attawapiskat Enterprises is 100% owned by Attawapiskat First Nation and our offices are located in the community. We are an incorporated, for-profit entity that operates separately from Chief and Council.

A Board of Directors provides ongoing oversight and direction to our Chief Executive Officer. The Chairperson and Board Members are also Attawapiskat First Nation members. While we report to and take direction from the Board, we also report to our shareholders (Chief and Council) on a regular basis.

Board of Directors:

Steve Hookimaw, Chair
Scott Carpenter, Treasurer
Christine Kataquapit, Director
Dorothy Hookimaw, Director


Adrian Sutherland, Chief Executive Officer
Bob Dickson, Past President
Sally Louttit, Administrative Coordinator


Attawapiskat Enterprises is self-funded, meaning that our business investments and operating costs are covered by the revenues we generate through business ventures.

Dividends from our investments go towards the Attawapiskat First Nation Community Trust. To date, we have contributed more than $2.7 million to the Trust.

Over the past two years, we have also made donations of more than $146,000 to support community individuals with specific needs.